The Collins House , Vermont .

This house was custom-designed and built in 1941 as a safe haven for a prominent New York City family .

The property comprises a historic main house of about 8,000 square feet , with a well-separated barn and outbuildings , on 163 acres of meadows and woodlands with extensive landscaping and extraordinary views .      The main house was partly modernised in 1995/6 , and more extensively modernised , upgraded and restored in 2010-2018 .Much of the surrounding acreage , separately purchased from different owners in 2006-2011 , is meadows and forest , ensuring remarkable privacy and tranquility . This land is income-producing from the sale of timber and hay .        The property is now for sale at $         .    For further information , please contact                         through their local agents            , primary contact                 at                     , or alternatively Hugh Mitchell at 212-744-1555 or .